About Books KC

Creating employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

Books KC was created to provide individuals with disabilities jobs, job training and skill assessments. Books KC is a part of Ability KC Industries where a team of professionally trained staff work with individuals with disabilities to give them the training they need to seek community employment opportunities if they choose to do so.

Books KC is a Missouri Recycling Association award-winning social enterprise that provides a 100% solution to two critical concerns.

  1. Providing employment and training for individuals with disabilities.
  2. Finding an environmentally sound method to keep unwanted books from being thrown away and entering local landfills.

More than 85% of people with disabilities have difficulty finding employment. When people with disabilities become employed, they achieve the same economic and vocational identity everyone values. This identity includes having more disposable income, the ability to pay taxes and to purchase more goods and services. Additionally, people who are employed are more independent, self-confident and now have the ability to make greater contributions to our community. Books KC makes this happen!

Books KC encourages you to become involved with supporting individuals with disabilities participating in the Books KC program by donating your unwanted books.

Interesting Facts

  With the help of your book donations, Books KC is able to provide meaningful employment to individuals with disabilities. Since 2012, its first year of operation, the number of individuals with disabilities employed by Books KC has grown from 4 to 15.
  One ton of recycled paper saves 3,700 pounds of lumber and 24,000 gallons of water, and only uses 60% of the energy required to make one ton of virgin paper.
  Books KC won the Missouri Recycling Association's award for "Outstanding Workshop Recycling".
  100% of the revenue generated by Books KC stays local and benefits the disability community.
  Books KC is also utilized by Ability KC's employment services for skill assessment and job preparedness for individuals with disabilities.

Our Partners

AbilityKCAbility KC brings together Rehabilitation Institute of Kansas City and Children's Therapeutic Learning Center. Annually, 2700 individuals and families receive services for medical rehabilitation, therapeutic preschool, and employment services. In addition, multiple specialty programs and services are offered, such as neuropsychology and rehabilitation psychology, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), corporate partnerships for employment opportunities and much more. Ability KC is proud to celebrate 70 years since the beginnings of each agency in 1947. Thousands of lives have been changed and celebrations of successes have occurred due to the generosity of the Kansas City community.

MARCMARC Solid Waste Management District administers a grant program for waste reduction, reuse, and recycling projects. Many cities and counties, non-profit organizations, businesses and schools have used this grant program. The district also supports the collection and disposal of household hazardous waste through contracts with two permanent collection facilities and a number of mobile collection events. The district also manages the RecycleSpot.org website and a recycling hotline (816/474-TEAM), that provide residents information on recycling opportunities in the region.

MO DNRThe mission of the Missouri Department of Natural Resources is to protect, preserve, and enhance Missouri cultural and energy resources. The department deals with the critical area of energy, helps develop mineral resources in an environmentally safe manner, protects Missouri’s land, air, and water resources and works to preserve the state’s historic and natural heritage through state parks and state historic sites.